I’ma let you finish but…

Happy monday!

okay, happy-ish?

So if you’re from the dfw area you may have read my post on local open mics

Among them is one on Tuesdays at The Dock Bookshop

I’d like to extend an invitation again for tomorrow

I’ll be there, 8 to 10 pm

you can follow the event page on facebook here

As a optional writing prompt you can bring us your very own “I’ma let you finish but…” speech for the open mic

Hope to see you there, like comment and share and subscribe!


New show

New show alert! 

Well, not so new.  In January I performed in the first “Lyrically spun” show. An event combining poetry and pole dancing. Think fitness, not strip. Accompanied by some local poets, and the ladies from Power Bar fitness in Arlington. We packed the house and since then there has been one other show, and on June 24 I will be a part of the third! 

So right now we’re in the planning stages. Figuring out who works with who, what poems we’ll be performing, and what instrumentals to perform too.

More updates to come! 

But comment a hot beat you think I should use and share with a dance/poetry lover!