I offer in-person and virtual programming for schools.

In person shows can include performances based around whatever theme or event is relevant at your institution

Virtual offerings include:

"Pass the mic" 

It is a space for students to share their art, or just vent, moderated and led by me.  

There is a performance, as well as a competition segment of the show. 

I believe that sharing the stage with students allows them an opportunity to start conversations and form the  

kind of connections that foster community growth, and ultimately retention. 

The show can be customized to fit most year round themes or events.

"My process"

A 45 minute writing workshop and presentation to give students a beginner's guide to creative writing 

Covering writing, editing and performance, as well as breaking down two of the artist’s own poems. 

Can be shortened if needed. Can be extended to a full hour With Q&A.

Please submit a contact form with any questions or interest, 

I look forward to hearing from you!