Okay, last time I talk about this…

Our show went great!

I’ve already talked about the concept behind it on past posts so I’ll just say thanks to those who came and share some pictures !


Lyrically Spun

The poems are picked, the order is set.

This Saturday is our show Lyrically Spun

I’m ready and more than excited to perform

But I’m not feverishly updating you on this show because I’m so keen on promoting it.

I’m just out of blog post ideas!

So if you have any ideas for my next blog post please comment!

Pictures from the show coming soon.

Lyrically spun update

I’ve got an update about the Lyrically spun show for yall.

I talked to the dancer I’m paired with recently and got the instrumentals we’re using for the show!

They are:

Diary-Alicia Keys



I get to work with the owner of Power bar, the pole fitness gym working with us to put this show together. She’s crazy talented and experienced.

And with only 11 days to the show, I really need to select a couple poems, record, and send them to her so she can prepare!

More coming soon, but if you’re on facebook be sure to check out our event page

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