Early Riser

A few years ago, I dropped by to see Ladi, and he looped a drum and guitar similar to Voicemail.  

I wrote to it some, but it wasn't until the pandemic that I picked it back up in earnest to try to create a full song around it. As it was forming, I noticed the energy of the song was very much: "I'm on my shit".

And, while that's not always true, its good to have a good song to kick you back into gear. I used a line or two from a poem I hadn't performed since my first days doing open mics, and took some inspiration from "Oh mama" by Run The Jewels,  this line in particular really inspired the theme of this song:

"I'm up early, where the money folders sipping Folgers be..."

 So much so, I named the track early riser and worked it into the hook !

"I'm a early riser, note taker

Work to do, call me on the phone later"

Another callback to Voicemail, I just refuse to answer this phone, it seems. But, I feel its the most accurate depiction of how I spend my time. And I just like the idea of laying low, waking up early, and making moves in silence. 

We ended up adding some more layers to this song, and Ladi ended up adding in another guitar track I almost didn't want to leave in because it sounded too "Top Gun"-ish, but I was convinced to leave it in and it honestly grew on me! 

I went out to Papertone studio to get this recorded, mixed, and mastered.

Hope you enjoy the track !

Talk soon,

- Sin