I wrote SLAY a long time ago when I was asked to be part of a fashion show for Slay magazine in Dallas.

I wrote the poem to music the show director picked for me, but I wasn't able to license it, so my friends Ladi and Marcus ended up writing some great music for it a year later.

The piece was intended to hype up the models I knew would be backstage behind me during my performance and the audience in front of me.

I wanted it to be the poem equivalent of the song you play to get yourself pumped to get shit done.

Cover art was inspired by a famous Panamanian boxer named Roberto Duran

At the bottom is my logo/signature ! (haven't used that in a while)



Recording, mixing, and mastering done by The Gas Station Studios


I'm at the top of my game  

Reign supreme  

Dial me up  

My name rings 

I slay 

Motivated to make it  

Intense drive and patience  

No substitute or replacement  

I slay 

Been practicing focus  

Working hard, laying low  

It's humility  

Not lack of ability  

I got different energy  

They ask what's gotten into me  

I slay 

I come with it  

Never leave it at home 

I go get it  

I live in the zone 

I got too much to gain to not carry the load  

They're too much the same  

So I go it alone 

In the gym til I get it right  

Before the show 

I've done to show a hundred times  

For every line  

I cut a hundred lines  

Their words dull  

Mine cut a hundred times  

Different cloth  

They throw salt  

It all comes out in the wash  

Eyes on the prize  

They're down for the count  

When they encounter a loss 

I win for how well I recover  

Take shambles restructure  

Give it straight can't be subtle subtitle subtext  

I'm the best  

I slay  

I take the stage and leave with it  

Shoot my shot and lean in it  

Til all the doubt is rescinded  

Or redacted  

They move backwards 

I lead with the jab  

I ain't debating who's the greatest  

Woke up today  

Noticed results of the changes I been making  

I'm walking different  

No con man  

My confidence got me talking different  

Time is money  

I grew up and I'm shopping different  

Trendsetter go-getter  

I beat the odds  

Beat my past  

Off the beaten path  

Til they  

Beat a path  

So you could keep the snaps  

I need to see both your hands  

I earned the claps  

They hurt collapsed 

I'm working past  

Going beyond and above  

Can't be slow to act  

I been done in past 

By the time they ask an above  

Can't be distracted or deterred 

Middle of a storm I'm determined to return  

When winds take me to the curb  

I'm too stubborn to lose  

Was too scared for show and tell  

Now seek out venues so I can show and prove  

Go from sun up and run out of to-dos  

Pressure can't crack me  

Second place don't attract me  

Do more rebounding than relaxing  

That's how I'm everlasting  

Hard work is taxing but it pays well  

I'm demanding a raise to balance the pay scale  

They can't give me enough  

What's the hold up  

Got the gift the gab  

Ain't giving it up without my just due  

Brightest thing shining  

Ain't gotta ask you  

Can't hope I win, I Have to  

Work through anything that comes my way  

I look this good doing it  

Any given day  

It's natural  

Can't beat me  

Feel like nothing  

Can defeat me 


No other way  

They should treat me 

At this point  

Looking back is beneath me  

Cause I crush  

I kill  

I conquer  

Say it with me  

I slay.