Swim is a song I wrote at the beginning of the pandemic. Its a song about wanting to pursue someone but not wanting to risk ruining a friendship. Oftentimes the idea of it is more fun than actually making it happen.

The song starts with the line "Had to write two songs about you..." , which is true. I wrote another song before this one I still have the demo to; I just liked this one more, and the other felt a bit like it may be better for another artist rather than myself.

This was something new I was trying at the time when I had a lot more time to write. Thinking up a theme for a song - In this case: wanting someone you're not sure you should pursue - , and trying to write more than just one song about it.

I feel that there's no good reason to limit a good theme to just one song. A lot of great songs explore the same core idea in completely different ways. This song shares a theme with "The Need to Know" by Wale, which opens with a scene from Seinfeld about the same topic.

Also, while the second verse describes me and this person finally meeting, none of it ever happened. I thought it would make a more interesting second verse however, than continuing to talk about how fine they are and how it could never be.

The music is by my collaborators Dennis, and Ladi. And,  I originally sang the hook (in my opinion poorly) in an early scratch demo of the track. But, Ladi stepped in to sing it. I went out to Papertone studio to get this recorded, mixed, and mastered.

With songs like this, you have to wonder: If the person heard it, would they know its about them? I think this one's just vague enough. But, time will tell.

Hope you enjoy the track!

Talk soon,

- Sin