My Irrational Fear of Losing My Mind by Sin Cover Art

Cover art, sometimes you need to talk it out with yourself

About the poem

"My Irrational Fear Of Losing My Mind" Is the first poem I release since "AndPoetry". It's a story threading from my childhood to the present day, and a moment of "talking it out" with myself.

I wanted to add an extra layer to this audio that I felt was missing from my last spoken word project. What I felt was needed was ambient sound. 

I've never done poems in a soundproof room, I've always done them SOMEWHERE.

And most of my reflection happens on long walks outdoors.

So I took a mic, and recorded some outside, and some reflections, and put it all together, with some production help from The Gas Station Studios .

I also ran around and threw together a last minute therapist outfit for a shoot with my photographer friend Dennis 

Below is a gallery of different places I visited looking for the right ambient noise to play in the background of the poem, can you guess where I ended up recording it ?

Thank you for checking out my work


Finding the sounds