SYLA Album Vol 2

SYLA (Support Your Local Artists) is an initiative by my friend Ladi to shine a light on and support local artists here in DFW.

The SYLA albums bring together different musicians and poets to collaborate and make something unique from all of their different styles and skills.

The SYLA album volume 2 features music from Ladi, Pat, Marcus Alexander, and Jelen, as well as poetry from myself and Trang

The whole thing was recorded at Fort Worth Sound

"PRTTY" Is a love poem featuring both me and Trang. I am actually single as hell, and a lot of the inspiration for this poem came after finishing a loving kindness meditation one day.

I had been sitting with the music for a while before that moment, so I knew to take advantage of that inspiration when it came.

"GLTTR" is an erotic poem. Like a nasty nasty poem with some fun word play.

I wrote it on a road trip making frequent stops to record the latest lyrics I had come up with on my phone.

"Wolf of Poetry" is my word play/rap piece on the project.

It was actually inspired by my friend Wayne Henry and his wolf poem. I wrote it just in case I ever needed it during one of our cyphers.

The music these artists created is what inspired me to write a lot of what you hear from me on this project.

I felt like I HAD to write to every instrumental I jumped on, they're that good.

The whole album is really worth a listen from top to bottom.

We started putting it together late last year, and wrapped things up right before holiday season.

It was tricky, and we had a few delays in order to try and keep all the artists safe from COVID, but we managed to pull through and get it done.

Hope you love it !