SYLA Album Vol 2

SYLA (Support Your Local Artists) is an initiative by my friend Ladi to shine a light on and support local artists here in DFW.

The SYLA albums bring together different musicians and poets to collaborate and make something unique from all of their different styles and skills.

The SYLA album volume 2 features music from Ladi, Pat, Marcus Alexander, and Jelen, as well as poetry from myself and Trang

The whole thing was recorded at Fort Worth Sound

"PRTTY" Is a love poem featuring both me and Trang. I am actually single as hell, and a lot of the inspiration for this poem came after finishing a loving kindness meditation one day.

I had been sitting with the music for a while before that moment, so I knew to take advantage of that inspiration when it came.

"GLTTR" is an erotic poem. Like a nasty nasty poem with some fun word play.

I wrote it on a road trip making frequent stops to record the latest lyrics I had come up with on my phone.

"Wolf of Poetry" is my word play/rap piece on the project.

It was actually inspired by my friend Wayne Henry and his wolf poem. I wrote it just in case I ever needed it during one of our cyphers.

The music these artists created is what inspired me to write a lot of what you hear from me on this project.

I felt like I HAD to write to every instrumental I jumped on, they're that good.

The whole album is really worth a listen from top to bottom.

We started putting it together late last year, and wrapped things up right before holiday season.

It was tricky, and we had a few delays in order to try and keep all the artists safe from COVID, but we managed to pull through and get it done.

Hope you love it !






 I freestyle a love note with my tongue on your neck 

Glitter on my lips 

By the time I'm done 

That smells like your skin 

Take a swim in your eyes 

My hands 

Try to massage the tired out of your thighs 

You dress up like that for me 

Let me help you treat yourself  

For all the hard work you've been putting in 

Since you like both 

I put on a show 

Switching between aggression and tenderness 

Hand on your throat 

Kissing you like waves meet the coast 

I know 

The road to success 

Taking its toll 

On you 

But those new nails looking good 

Ass jiggle like it should 

Your energy tonight feels like 

Shared laughs set to harp strings 

Room smells nice 

Got lotion on 

Make my hands glide 

From your 

Smile to your feet 

Through a field of flowers 

Looking like a 

Free range 

Home made 

Menu here 

Season based 


Why you got that top on still 

Those moans that slip 

When I kiss your breasts 

Got my rock on 

Back of my mind 

Wanna rock your shit 

Ain't time to get my rocks off still 

Rubbing you down feels like having a sunset to myself 

Skin warm as the last day of summer 

I wanna bathe you in adoration and positive affirmations 

I like to tease til you undress yourself and your voice starts shakin’ 

Got that WAP 

Wet from anticipation 

Here, you gotta get your soul naked 

Made a playlist for us to play in 

My tongue sends your pussy postcards from your toes  

Like they're foreign locations 

You knew what kind of party this was when I came in 

Move your weight over to one side  

So I can smack that ass while I bury my face in 

I like thighs with the little give to em  

Like they're  making donations 

You look fine as hell 

Make me want to sit down 

Watch you play with yourself 

Love to hit it from the back 

It's so fat 

You need your own Bible belt 

Lost track of time on purpose 

Fall deep in u 

Hands gripping, squeezing you 

Give you all my attention cause you deserve it 

Soaking wet and picture perfect 

When I smell you on my shirt in the morning 

The photographic memories are gonna resurface 

Grip right like the secret service 

Way you twerk on it 

Looks like you rehearsed it 

Makes me want to stay inside 

Like I got nervous 

Fuckin u feels like a wet dream 

I promise not to get it on your sheets 

Just tell me where to aim 

Cause I aim to please 

Had such a good time 

I don't mind 

Taking my shipmates with me 

Talk your shit 

Don't moderate your speech 

You won't have any presidential debate from me 

Catch me in your comment section 

It's the everything for me



Verse 1: Sin

You're pretty  

Like the first laugh after a tragedy is pretty  

Your calm is contagious  

I want to rest in the corners of your smile  

Take you every place just to have you around  

The peace you maintain is amazing  

Split into  

I give into  


You recognize symptoms  

Provide patience  

Every day I wake  

Trying to grow my heart to the size of your greatness  

You always think to consider the problems I'm facing  

I would let you lead me blindfolded  

Out of my comfort zone  

To any way you'd like me to show my appreciation  

You carefully care for me  

I don't know what I ever did to deserve it 

But, I’ll never leave you deserted  

I'll thunderstorm, flash flood you in kisses 

While you cuddle up  

Safe inside my kind intentions  

This life  

Is such a short ride  

At every twist and turn  

I'm happy to know where together to witness 

I'm learning the reciprocate your unconditional  

A dollar's worth more  

When I can spend it on a meal to split with you  

I want to be rich  

In time spent with you  

Love to hear you laugh at this silly shit I do  

Want to cheat on you with you 

So I can have more of you  

Like a car salesman  

You won't believe what I have in store for you 


Verse 2: Trang

[Missing Trang’s verse will add in soon!] 


Verse 3: Sin


Have faith in me 

And that’s a terrible thing to waste 

I’ll be 

The best me I could ever be 

A daily practice of empathy and honesty 

Hypin' you constantly  

You’re the finest that I’ve ever seen 

Holding you 

I could spend the rest of my life restfully  

You’re pretty 

Like hope is pretty 

Like a shoulder for my tears to call home is pretty 

My other half 

The way I know it in my bones 

Is pretty


Wolf of poetry

The one and only   

Alone but never lonely   

You may know of   

Not too many know me   

Day packed full  

Most impactful animal   

One man army   

Admirable admiral   

Capital my name when you speak   

Capitalize on the lazy and the weak   

You cappin  

Can't catch a webcast   

Liver than watching me casket any beat   

Don't expire  

Have you retired   

Snackin’ on a can of beans   

Count on me   

Lucky stars for weeks   

Wack and wicked   

Get winded, wheezin   

Tryna run with me   

Like they forgot to breathe   

Least you got to see   

Me show my ass  

Before you   

Had some   

Grass to eat   

Hand the pen to me   

Watch me casually   

Cause casualties   

On a winning spree   

Top rhyming   

You top ramen  

Recap the beef   

My words did backflips  

Ass kicked  

All you did   

Sit and steam   

More trash   

Than a middle seat   

On a flight   

Packed between   

Two elderlies   

With body odor   

And kids to feed   

Your shit gets more skips   

Than the first porno scene   

More trust issues   

Than the government   

Trust but verify   

Terrorize the mic   

Ghost write in pairs   

Always play both sides   

Sign treaty   

Fly satellite   

At the same damn time   


Muchos orbitan   

Me cuidan  

Quieren triangular  

Sin entrar al atmósfera   

Miran brillar  

Quien se quiere arimar  

Destrucción total  

I’m scarred  


Textured rough   

Like sound of howling wolf   

I'm no good   

I'm fucked up   

Known the duck when the room full   

Outside making smokestacks   

I'm only here for that spoonful   

Old soul  

She say I'm shy at the show   

Oh no   

I just don't shit with a plate some bowls go   

Got a job to do   

Sometimes bitches go rogue   

When you're tryna go postal  

Even with your best game   

Won't get anywhere   

Addressing me by pet names   

All business   

Everybody friendly   

Ain't for friendship   

Came here to earn and burn out   

Not learn intentions   

Keep distance   

For mine in your protection   

As a curb   

I'd succumb to pain   

Learned to prey on it   

Now I eat that shit for breakfast   

Gnarl my teeth   

Defend my peace   

They aren’t for close inspection  

Cry wolf all you want   

I ain't coming   

Strong with my pack   

Alone I'm still a bad motherfucker   

You know my howl when you hear it   

Don't make an appearance any day   

Hills to henhouse   

I'ma eat anyway   

Then turn loose   

Go back to chasing the moon   

Stay to myself   

You never know who's trying to make a meal out of you   

Meal out of you  

Wolf of Poetry  


SYLA volume two  

Pues, claro que si  

Thank you for listening