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My Irrational Fear Of Losing My Mind9.18.20

Witchy Vibes10.31.20


Cosmos EP 2.14.21

SYLA Album Vol 2 3.5.21

Repeat 7.22.22

Early Riser  9.23.22

Swim 12.2.22

Belong In LA 7.14.23

Menace 9.29.23

Gotta Run 11.03.23

Closure 12.08.23

Cut u off 1.26.24   

WYSHOY 2.16.24   

Be up 3.15.24

Muddy water 4.19.24

Artwork 5.24.24

Crush 6.21.24

For Tonight 7.26.24

Ghost 8.16.24

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