Sin Witchy Vibes cover art

Witchy vibes


Witchy Vibes is an erotic poem set to music by my friends Marcus and Ladi

Production was done by The Gas Station Studios

The model's name is Sharay

And our photographer is The girl V

It is an appreciation track for women with Witchy Vibes, the energy, the aesthetic, all of it!

And, of course, it dropped on Halloween. 

Hope you enjoy !


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Her favorite holiday is Halloween  

She's got witchy vibes  

I give her a broom to ride. 

Soy el diablo, she got sage lit  

tits like crystal balls  

Suck like it's due or die.  

I'm gonna keep you up tonight.  

Moves her hips on it, like she's trying to hypnotize  

not sure if I'm making her blasphemy, or she's making me lose my mind.  

Set it on the dresser.  

Not here to stress her 

 here to stretch her out, 

 like yoga. 

 Trying to act uptight, mountain poser; knew from that look she gave me I would bend her forward fold to downward dog; won't give her a chance to runner’s lunge from it.  

She likes to fuck by candlelight. 

Rolls her eyes back to focus on the feeling of me praying on the space between her thighs. 

My tongue spells out affirmations on her clit, one letter at a time,  

she gives me invisible ink till I get it all off my mind. 

What I don't use, I kiss back. 

Her body's a queendom. so I lick from the tips of her toes to her crown  

Turn her on her stomach, so my tongue can make the trip back.  

She's unique. 

While other women have sexual routines, mine has tailor made rituals. 

Her pussy is spiritual. 

Not just a fuck, coming together with her feels like nothing short of a miracle. 

Listen, she makes sitting on my face feel like a baptism.  

My tongue walks on water while she breathes life into me, and sucks the soul out of me.  

She talks to my dick before it goes in, he always runs into her spot like they were old friends. I've seen my share of bedrooms, hers is more curated space.  

Changes based on what we're needing that day. Therapist office last week, dungeon today.  

I'm convinced she can read my mind. Makes sure we talk all the time. Asks plenty of questions, keeps a pulse on what I'm repressing, feels my body for tension as we're undressing. 

Don't know if I should call her witch doctor, or just doctor.  

By the time she's done with me, I feel so good I don't realize I committed to staying all night and fulfilling her needs. 

Her moans have me spellbound.  

She knows what to say. 

The perfect tone, frequency, wavelength. 

Likes likes a good vibe,metaphorically, and literally.  

Sometimes we cooperate, but she keeps calling me over, so we must not have to compete. 

If eyes or windows, she keeps her soul fixed on me. So open, so focused, I can't help but be at ease. 

She likes to manifest as she gets soaking wet.  

It feels so good, she could manifest my credit card, I'd be like have that shit. 

She told me she won't use her powers for evil. 

Like I wasn't already primed to believe her. 

She's got that magic touch. 

If she can knock me out with a back rub, imagine what she could do with, like, fairy dust, or whatever witches have.  

I’d honestly risk it all, just for that ass, so it's not a huge jump to think she could ruin me with my own magic wand if she wanted to. 

Like watching her head bob up and down put me in a hypnotic state, and she said:  

When you wake up from this my most endearing trait will be my attitude.  

I really do love her attitude.  

She can show up as one of seven different spirits without a challenge.  

She calls them: Savage. Classy, bougie, ratchet 

sassy, moody, nasty. 

My birth chart does say I like variety.  

It surprises me, every time I slide feels like the very first time to me.  

It's common we climax in sync.  

With pussy like that, she can have any crystal she needs, shit,  

put some on me, don’t, let me fuck up a good thing.